Patient Flow, Patient Tracking RTLS

Real Time Patient Tracking System

Improve the service and safety you provide to patients with Sanitag Patient Tracking & Monitoring RTLS Solutions


Sanitag Patient Safety and Tracking solution gives healthcare professionals transparency in what can be a crowded pool of patients. Behind the strength of our software platform, any patient can be located in times of confusion or reached in times of emergency. The user interface visually pinpoints the location of anyone wearing a RFID patient Tag with an easy-to-follow map. Setting pre-defined patient boundaries also helps prevent wandering for at-risk patients.


Fall detection, motion sensing, inactivity monitoring, and help calling are incorporated into the Sanitag RTLS solution enabling faster and more effective medical attention to patients in need. Emergency alerts can be adapted to facility-specific business rules. By customizing equipment installation locations, we can also define precise areas requiring bed-level monitoring.

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  • Help

    Get faster help in case of an emergency

  • Track

    Track patient activity throughout the hospital. Prevent elopements and high risk patients from leaving pre-defined perimeters

  • Monitor

    Get automated alerts in case of falling, fainting, or inactivity

  • Reach

    Get bed-level location accuracy in order to reach patients at a faster pace

  • Improve

    Improve the overall service and quality provided to patients

Sanitag Patient Tags have integrated nurse calling and motion sensing features that facilitate faster response to emergency situations

Our Patient Tags aren’t just advanced location tracking devices. They are also equipped with motion, position, and wristband removal sensors to improve the overall level of service provided to patients.

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