Hospital Staff Tracking & Safety

RTLS Systems

To Locate and Protect Hospital Staff

Locate & Protect Doctors.
Keep Hospital Staff Secure and Productive with Sanitag Hospital Staff & Doctor Tracking Systems


A healthcare facility’s staff are its most important and expensive assets.  Sanitag RTLS gives you the power to provide real-time visibility to optimize workflow management at all times.  Designed as a sleek replacement for traditional ID badges, Sanitag doctor tracking tags are equipped with programmable buttons and status lights.  Paired with our long-range active RFID readers, staff tags are picked up in patient rooms, corridors, nurse stations, and other work rooms.

In the event that staff members have an emergency situation they can send an alert by simply pressing the button on their tag.

No matter what your facility’s size is or how you currently operate, our Hospital Staff and Doctor Tracking RTLS solution can provide crucial benefits to you and your team, helping maximize workflow and safety while reducing patient wait times.

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  • Protect

    Protect doctors from assaults. Reach them quickly when they need help

  • Monitor

    Monitor doctor visit times, staff activity-inactivity

  • Locate

    Instantly locate staff in the events of emergency

  • Reduce Costs

    Reduce claims, time away from work, and overtime to make up for staff absence

  • Increase Revenues

    Improve doctor workflow and throughput, reduce wait times

Equipped with precise locating and help calling functionalities, Sanitag staff badge tag is shaped like any other professional badge worn by healthcare professionals.

Sanitag RTLS staff tag is designed to replace traditional badge cards, and are  manufactured with embedded inlays to work with generic access control devices in order to offer a fully integrated solution – where one card can be used for many different purposes. Each charge lasts more than 3 months.




  • Slim design
  • Two programmable buttons
  • Motion sensor that can detect falling, inactivity
  • Simple charging through micro USB port
  • Simply integrates to traditional access control systems to prevent additional card requirements
Sanitag staff tag
Sanitag room level and wide area readers
Sanitag software suite