Infant Tracking, RTLS and Safety

Tracking & Protecting Infants

Infant Tracking RTLS: Take things a step further for the family’s newest member with Sanitag. Prevent infant mix-ups and kidnappings.


Sanitag Infant Tracking RTLS solution pairs infants with mothers by utilizing a mother tag and an infant tag, ensuring the prevention of mix-ups and kidnappings, monitoring infant activity and movement, and keeping track of prolonged inactivity.


We take things a step further for your family and it’s newest member. With Sanitag RTLS, every family that walks out of your facility will do so satisfied – receiving service quality that surpassed their wildest expectations.

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  • Pair

    Prevent baby mix-ups by electronically pairing the infant with the mother

  • Track

    Track infants throughout the hospital, make sure they stay inside the permitted perimeters

  • Protect

    Protect infant kidnapping

  • Monitor

    Monitor infant activity, prolonged inactivity, and falling

  • Satisfy

    Improve family satisfaction and service quality beyond expectation

Sanitag infant tags are protected against unauthorized removal

 Our tamper-proof, lightweight, and reusable Infant Tags are paired with the mother’s tag and monitored together. They are waterproof and worn with hypo-allergenic disposable wristbands.

Sanitag infant tag & mother tag
Sanitag room level and wide area readers
Sanitag software suite