Hospital Asset Tracking

Hospital Asset Tracking
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RTLS Systems

Hospital asset tracking system from Sanitag helps you get the most return out of your high value assets


Sanitag RTLS technology allows for streamlined tracking, locating, and status monitoring of all of a hospital’s critical high value assets. Out sturdy and unobtrusive asset tags can be easily placed on as many assets as you choose. The full scope of operational guidelines and parameters can be pre-defined with our software, ensuring fully-aligned integration with any facility.


No matter which assets you rely on and at what level, Sanitag RTLS can help improve utilization and minimize financial loss.


We’ve designed Sanitag RTLS Software Suite around our Hospital Asset Tracking solution to be incredibly easy to use. Any staff member can quickly locate and then retrieve any lost, misplaced, or stolen asset. Usage levels can also be monitored to prevent under or excessive usage where needed – ultimately preventing unwarranted purchases of replacements.

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  • Locate

    Instantly locate each mobile hospital asset

  • Track

    Trace assets to prevent theft and abusive usage

  • Improve

    Define rules for each asset, measure and improve utilization rates

  • Save

    Monitor usage, prevent unnecessary purchases of new assets

Sanitag asset tags are tamper-proof and protected against  unauthorized removal. They are equipped with motion sensors and activity buttons to monitor mobile asset availability in order to improve asset utilization.

Press the button on the tag when the asset is in use, and press it again when you’re done. Trace every asset, monitor availability and status.

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Sanitag RTLS Software Suite