Environment Monitoring

Monitoring In-Facility Temperature &


Protect high-value equipment and medicine, reduce critical downtime with Sanitag Environment Monitoring RTLS Solution


Ideal environmental conditions are paramount for healthcare industries in order to maintain the efficacy of medical products as well as the health of patients.


With accurate and automated data collection, Sanitag protects high-value equipment and medicine and reduces critical downtime by enabling people to respond quickly before out of limit values lead to problems.

Sanitag’s Environment Monitoring solution is easy to set-up and cost-effective.

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  • Monitor

    Ensure all critical temperature and humidity levels are maintained effortlessly to prevent problems in clinical samples, blood, tissues, organs, equipment, and patient health

  • Comply

    Comply with regulatory standards, automate fallible and troublesome documentation processes

  • Protect

    Protect high value equipment, medicine, and clinical rooms by responding proactively to pre-set levels of temperature and humidity

  • Save

    Eliminate time-consuming and expensive manual monitoring methods

The most cost efficient temperature and humidity monitoring solution on the market

Sanitag readers have optional temperature and humidity sensors that make for a cost efficient and effortless environment monitoring solution

Sanitag Room Level Reader
Sanitag Software Suite