Ambulance Asset Monitoring

Ambulance Asset Monitoring &

Tracking System

Take ambulance asset monitoring & management to a whole new level!


Get 24/7 protection and real time location (RTLS) of your mobile ambulance assets to ensure that your fleet is always properly equipped for optimum call response. 


Sanitag Vehicle Control Unit is the heart of our asset monitoring system and it continuously scans, tracks, and reports ambulance assets together with their location and status. Each vehicle’s inventory is transmitted over a GSM network, together with the vehicle’s physical location.  Assets can be tracked in numerous ways, including maintenance and calibration status. Inadequately stocked ambulances are instantly flagged.  Also, a staff list for each ambulance is generated that brings real-time reporting at your fingertips.


With Sanitag RTLS ambulance asset tracking system:

  • Make sure your ambulances have the full spectrum of EMS equipment available and in optimum condition to effectively respond to emergency situations.
  • Prevent asset loss and theft
  • Automate EMS equipment check-in and checkout
  • Deliver accountability of asset life span within your organization
  • Keep maintenance history of ambulance equipment

Protect your high value mobile assets by Sanitag RTLS

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  • Scan

    Automatically scan assets inside the ambulance and keep a real-time inventory

  • Manage

    Manage ambulance equipment by tracking and locating

  • Locate

    Locate the ambulance fleet on a city map, see what and who is inside

  • Monitor

    Monitor equipment maintenance status

  • Improve

    Improve ambulance utilization and operational efficiency

Sanitag Ambulance Asset Management System ensures full availability of critical equipment such as defibrillators, oxygen generators, and heart rate monitors inside the ambulance.
 We help you guard expensive ambulance equipment and mobile treatment devices.

The most comprehensive ambulance asset management solution anywhere
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