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RTLS Software Suite

Take smart decisions with Sanitag RTLS Software Suite


Sanitag’s RTLS Software Suite is the hub that manages all Sanitag tracking and monitoring devices. It offers an intuitive interface for ease of operation.

Sanitag RTLS Software is highly flexible and can be configured to address the unique requirements of different healthcare facilities.


With Sanitag’s innovative software suite:

  • Follow any tag for any length of time
  • Monitor asset and equipment utilization, status, calibration, maintenance
  • Locate anything, anyone on a real-time dynamic map
  • Get zone entry/exit alerts
  • Manage emergency situations
  • Report patient flow, doctor visit times
  • Get detailed analytics of patient behaviour
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  • Device Management

    Configure and manage every component of the Sanitag RTLS system over a user-friendly interface. Get automated system notifications and device status

  • System Monitoring

    Monitor the location and status of every tag enrolled in the system in real time on a dynamic hospital map

  • Alert Management

    Manage settings for all alarm cases including unauthorized tag removal, proximity alarms, patient inactivity, help calls, patient elopement, baby kidnapping, and the exceeding of temperature limits

  • Performance Management

    Improve asset utilization, patient flow, safety, and overall operational efficiency through detailed analytics and reporting features

The Sanitag RTLS Software Suite offers flexibility, configurability, and integrability

Our software is highly configurable to fit the specific needs of healthcare providers. It offers flexible integration options with external systems.

Intuitive User Interface for Simplicity

The Sanitag Software Suite offers an intuitive web-based interface for ease of operation. It simplifies RTLS system management, alert management, patient and staff operations, and hospital asset tracking.

Executive Dashboard for Visual Reports

The Sanitag Executive Dashboard provides a complete system overview at a glance. Monitor people and assets, report all active and closed alarms, view tag distribution, and more.

Search & Locate Anything, Anyone

Search and locate any particular patient, healthcare professional, or asset with high levels of proximity.

Create and Monitor Virtual Zones

Create virtual zones and control activity both inside and outside.  Get status information and alarms whenever you’d like.