Track hospital staff activity. Monitor patients, residents, and asset usage. Keep real time location information and history to improve workflow & efficiency.


Instantly locate anyone, anything with sub-meter accuracy in hospitals and other healthcare facilities. Create zones, geofences and apply facility-specific business rules using Sanitag RTLS platform.


Make nurse calling easy with built-in panic buttons on each patient wristband tag. Get automated and location-aware alerts in the events of prolonged patient inactivity, falling, unauthorized tag removal.

Next Generation in Healthcare RTLS | Sub-meter Location Accuracy with UWB Technology

Cost effective RTLS solutions with sub-meter accuracy to locate doctors, assets, and personnel within centimetres instead of zone-level.

At Sanitag RTLS, we’re committed to increasing operational efficiency and bringing peace of mind to healthcare professionals.

We deliver highly sensitive RTLS solutions utilizing UWB technology. Our indoor positioning systems are optimized for Healthcare to optimize your resources, save you money, and guard your most valuable hospital assets. 

Hospitals, senior care centers, rehabilitation centers, and ambulance operators can all benefit from our locating and tracking technology – and our global partner network in over 30 countries are here to help you.

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Locate your patients with highest precision at large hospitals. Monitor activity, reach and help them faster in the event of an emergency.


Pair infants with mothers, prevent mix-ups, track them to prevent kidnappings. Apply facility-specific business rules and manage alarms.


Keep real-time location information on your staff to improve workflow. Ensure safety against assaults in the unpredictable healthcare environment.


Ensure all critical environment temperature and humidity levels are maintained effortlessly without putting clinical samples, equipment, and patients’ health in danger.


Monitor and protect your high-value mobile hospital assets. Improve visibility & utilization. Go back to any point in time to see the history of any lost, hidden or misplaced asset. 


Automatically scan the equipment inside the ambulance and get real-time asset inventory, together with ambulance location and on-board staff information. 

Sanitag Healthcare RTLS Software Suite – The hub that manages all tracking and monitoring data, and that enables smart decisions in real time

Sanitag RTLS Software collects real time data from every tag enrolled in the hospital tracking system and produces critical analytics, executive dashboards, reports, alerts, and critical information that increases safety and efficiency for healthcare providers.